Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

The state of risks and pollution

The mandatory diagnostics

In the zones delimited by a prefectural decree, the seller is obliged to provide a statement of natural and technological risks relating to the property he is selling. The report is established for any real estate, built or not built: the grounds are thus concerned.

The state of risks and pollution is inserted in the technical diagnosis file attached to the compromise (or the promise) and then to thenotarial deed of sale.
It allows the buyer to be informed, so that he buys with full knowledge of the facts, and knows if his property is located in a risk zone.

The 'risk' and soil information easement statement is drawn up according to the risks identified by the prefecture, and on a form defined by law: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F12239
It is accompanied by documents enabling the location of the property and the identification of the risks.

The report is valid for 6 months. The law does not require a professional to draw up the report. It indicates :

  • - The natural risks,
  • - The mining risks,
  • - The technological risks,
  • - Seismic risks,
  • - Information on soil pollution.

Note: the statement of risks and pollution indicates whether the property has been the subject of compensation following a natural, mining or technological disaster, while the seller owned the property, or because his own seller informed him of such a disaster when he bought the property.